How to Practice Like a Pro: Tips from Alex “Assassinato” Fitzgerald


How to Practice Like a Pro

One of the first questions I’ll ask you if you ever do a lesson with me is, “How many hours a week do you study?”

The answer most players had for many years was, “once in a while.” I’d ask what they meant by that and they’d explain that they watched a video on occasion. They admitted that they probably did not study enough, but they felt like they were wasting their time while they did it.

They would be very surprised when I’d agree with them. “Most training videos and forums are worthless,” I’d agree. “But you still have a responsibility to find out what is really valuable.”

What has helped me a great deal is to find specific topics that I’ll study to death. I’ve then focused my teaching on explaining those concepts to the fullest extent of my understanding.

When I’ve shown my players how I “deliberately practice,” you can see a light go on in their head. “This is what I’ve always needed!” they always say.

If we wanted to become a scratch golfer, we wouldn’t just go play 18 holes whenever the feeling struck. We would make a schedule. On certain days we’d work on putting. On others we’d work on our chipping. Some nights would see us at the driving range. Then, when we felt all the parts were coming together soundly, we’d get some full rounds in.

We can set up a similar system in poker. Let’s talk about some of the ways of practicing available to online players today.

In your Hold’em Manager you’re going to want to go to the “Reports” tab and then select “Tournaments.” All of your hands will load up below. From there, click on a button at the top that says, “More Reports.” On the bottom right of the pop-up there will be a number of Quick Filters.

This will contain all the practice sessions we will be discussing today. If you are on a different statistic tracking software, just Google the topics I am going to list. It is likely your program has them as well. Read Full