How to Build Your Way Up from the Micro Stakes


Most poker players begin at the lowest levels, with the “micro stakes” or very lowest levels being a great place to get started when playing online poker. Many who start there find they’d like eventually to move up and play for more meaningful money, but for various reasons have difficulty making the upward transition.

888poker Ambassador Sofia Lövgren has a few ideas for players in that situation. Sarah Herring caught up with Lövgren at the recent 888Live Poker Festival in London and asked her to share a little about her own experience starting out and grinding up a bankroll from the “micros,” as well as to provide tips for others trying to do the same.

As Lövgren explains, it was after winning a freeroll online that she started playing micro stakes cash games, gradually working her way up the levels from there. Hear what she has to say about the importance of bankroll management, thinking long term, consulting with better players, having patience, and gathering experience.

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