How To Attack the WSOP: Planning What To Play


How To Attack the WSOP - Planning What To Play

With the World Series of Poker schedule having been released, the clock is officially ticking towards the 2016 iteration of poker’s biggest event. In this 10-part series, How To Attack the WSOP, we’ll go through a variety of topics that players eyeing the WSOP should be thinking about as they plan their trips to Las Vegas.

There’s an old poker saying that goes something like this: you can be the 10th-best player in the world, but you’re still the sucker if you’re seated at a table with the nine who are better than you.

The implication, of course, is that game selection is a crucial skill for a poker player, arguably just as important as things like having a technical understanding of the game and emotional control. In terms of making money, game selection has a huge impact on a player’s bottom line.

When it comes to tournament poker, players aren’t allowed to choose their opponents, since they’re randomly drawn to tables until only one competitor is left with all of the chips. However, what you can control is planning out which tournaments you play, with an eye toward a variety of factors that determine what constitutes value. Read Full