Strategy for Seven-Card Stud Hi-Low Declare


In my last column we looked at the strategic differences between “cards speak” games such as played in a casino and “declare” games such as you’ll find in home games. Specifically we discussed seven-card stud hi-low as our example of a split-pot game that can be played in either way.

In order to examine further the strategy involved in “declare” games in which players must choose whether to play for the high, for the low, or both, today’s column will examine decisions made during the play of a typical hand of seven-card stud hi-low declare.

Admittedly, this is an incomplete exercise, as an entire book could be written about just seven-card stud, hi-low declare. Perhaps, someday, someone shall write such a book. Until then, here is a hand to help you think through how to play the game correctly.

The Deal
It’s a $5/$10 dealer’s choice game in which seven-card stud hi-low declare has been called. In this game the dealer antes $1 per player and the high card showing must bring it in for either $1 or he may opt to bring it in for the small bet of $5. Read More