Online’s Biggest Winner Patrik Antonius Back in Action


Online's Biggest Winner Patrik Antonius Back in Action

For many years, Phil Ivey was considered the best poker player in the world. Not only was he the biggest winner live, for a long time he also held the top spot in the online rankings, where he’s won $19,242,743 according to But as Full Tilt Poker went down, and Ivey switched to PokerStars to play under the moniker “RaiseOnce”, so did his graph. He lost $2,483,564 on PokerStars, and lost another $6,317,217 on Full Tilt Poker after the site returned under Amaya’s umbrella and he resumed play as “Polarizing”. He’s still up $10,441,962 overall, but by no means is that enough to come out on top at the online poker all-time money list.

That title is now reserved for Patrik Antonius, who surpassed his archrival despite also being down online in recent years. We combined all his known accounts into one big graph to give you an idea of the swings the Fin endured since starting online many years ago, and how much he’s up. Read More