Happy Birthday to Me


Dear New York City Poker Players,

It’s my birthday. If you remember when Final Fantasy 7 came out, I remember camping out with a bedside TV. Today, I woke up and created some homemade all natural raw cashew butter. I posted the photos on facebook.

So this is what’s up?

  • Poker Fight Club is the name of my web show. The video table I built will be used to record 1/1 nlhe. The top 9 players of each month will play final table style for a $1500 bankroll. Film sessions are 7pm – midnight, Monday thru Friday.
  • Bounty Tournament $80 at 7pm in Dumbo, Brooklyn.
  • Times Square $1/$2 Cash Game at a low stakes poker room.
  • You can also read the October NYC Poker Game Update I posted earlier this month.
If you would like to participate in Poker Fight Club, please send me an email SUBJECT: POKER FIGHT CLUB. You must be a member in order to watch episodes of PFC. You must be a member in order to participate in PFC.