Life in the Holdem Grinder. A No Limit Poker Journal. January 3rd 2012


Wednesday NYC Poker Events

Recap of the no limit poker action by Fred123. 1/3/12.

We had a little side project tonight before the game started, which involved me climbing out a window; check out the video on

Started the night with a small tournament. $30 buy in. Everyone started with 20,000 in poker chips, but there was a turbo blind structure. It was super fun; tons of chips and I got to play super loose poker. Eventually I had to run out during the poker game to go teach a yoga class in Gramercy Manhattan. I am a yoga instructor and personal trainer by day. I did not see who won the first no limit hold’em game of the night.

Pot Limit Omaha in 2012, every Tuesday. Congratulations to @nyzart and BK for playing a solid Omaha session and not donking it back like I did. Pot Limit Omaha is like No Limit Hold’em, but also very different. Omaha is a game that has much more betting action, and it is always very likely that a player is drawing to a straight or a flush or a full house. You can never be too careful when playing Pot Limit Omaha.

I play a little hold’em every night after work. Typically a 2 hour no limit session.

$1/$1 Pot Limit Omaha. Session starts: 10pm. Session over: 1am. Buy-in: $300. Cash out: $0.

I was up very early on. I got paid off by BK with quad, or four-of-a-kind, Jacks. I also had a huge suckout against @nyzart.

  1. The table is short handed, and just like in Cheers, everyone knows everyone else’s name. I flop a set: three-of-a-kind, sevens. Preflop, there is a small raise to juice up the pot. And on the flop there is a pot-sized bet of $15. Once the turn comes out, the board reads 7 * K * 3 * 5, which translates into me also having a gut shot straight draw. My opponent, @nyzart, bets out another measly $15. It looks like a sucker’s bet, smells like a sucker’s bet – it is a sucker’s bet. Instantly I raise @nyzart the full pot-sized bet, and he instantly responds by re-raising, re-potting me. I’m afraid of two hands, the straight (4 * 6 ) or top set (K * K). @nyzart shows three kings. I only have 5 outs (or chances to win). I need the only remaining seven in the deck or any of the four fours. Turns out that was my time to get lucky, and I drill the 4 on the river for the check mark and the win. @nyzart is none too happy; he immediately goes off for a smoke break while I spend time raking in the chips and preparing this blog post.

Good times, good times at the poker table.

NOTICE: Happy New Year. Check out the 2012 poker schedule update.

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